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Products Range

Candy Wrapping Machine
Pillow Wrapping Machine
High-Speed Pillow Wrapper
Double Twist Wrapper
Single Twist Wrapper
Soft Candy Wrapper
Lollipop Wrapping Machine
Lollipop Twist Wrapper
Lillipop Pillow Wrapper
4-Side Sealing Wrapper
Biscuit Packing Machine
Flow Packing Machine
Non-Tray Packing Machine
Chocolate Packing Machine
Flow Wrapping Machine
Auto Feeding Packing Machine
Coin Chocolate Packing
Full Automatic Wrapping Machine
Cake/Bread Packing Machine
Cake Packing Machine
Bread Packing Machine
Recipprocating Packing Machine
Cut & Wrap Machine
Cut & Pillow Packing Machine
Cut & Twist Packing Machine
Cut & Fold Packing Machine
Stick Packing Machine
Vertical Packing Machine
Auto FFS Packing Machine
Cup Measure Packing Machine
Chain-Cup Packing Machine
Powder Packing Machine
Triangle Packing Mahine
Fruit Bar Packing Machine
Fruit Bar Packing Machine
Gum Packing Machine
Fold Wrapping Machine
Cut & Fold Wrapping Machine
Blister Packing Machine
Vacuum Packing Machine
Vacuum Wrapping Machine
Multi-Function Pillow Packing
Laid Down Type Packing Machine
280 Multi-function Packing Machine
320 Multi-function Packing Machine
Auto Alignment Packing
Sunken Type Auto Alignment
Seperate Way Type Alignment
Carton Packing Machine
Carton Opening Machine
Carton Sealing Machine
Other Packing Machine
Sealing Machine
Metal Detector
Nitrogen Making Machine
Coder & Printer
Date Coder
Inkjet Printing Machine
Spare Parts
Candy Feeding Disc
Cutting Blades
Heating tube

Products List

BLISTER PACKING MACHINE - PPZ140 | PILLOW WARAPPING MACHINE - BZS800 | DOUBLE (SINGLE) TWIST WRAPPING MACHINE - BSN600 | LOLLIPOP BUNCH WRAPPING MACHINE - BBW150 | Multi-function Pillow Packing Machine - BFT350 | PWT800 Non-Tray packing machine - PWT80 | Laid down wrapping machines - PQG 250X | Biscuit flow wrapping machine - PBG220 | Biscuit flow wrapping machine - PJB200A | Automatic chocolate flow wrapping machie - PQK350 | FOLD WRAPPING MACHINE - PZD200 | BLS-320A Full automatic cup measure and vertical packing machine - BLS-320A | PLS-320B Semi-Automatic packaging machine with chain-type batchers - BLS-320B | Powder automatic measure packaging machine - BLS-320C | Automatic 3-side (Triangle)packing machine - BLS-120C | PLS420 AUTO WEIGHING AND VERTICAL PACKING SYSTEM - PLS420 | 4 Side-Seal Flat lollipop wrapping machine - PYX280 | Reciprocating pillow packing machine - PWF350 | Multi-functional Pillow packing machine - PTP280/320 | Fruit bar flow packing machine - PZX220 | Cut & Pillow packing machine - PQG 300 | Series Vacuum wrapping machine - PZK | Automatic sealing machine - PFK | Automatic sealing machine - PJC | Series Nitrogen making machine - PZD | Series Inkjet printing machine - PPM | Series carton sealing machine - PFX | PFC Sunken type auto alignment packing system - PFC | PFD Separate way type auto alignment packing system - PFC | PCF100 Chocolate foil wrapping machine - PCF100 | FCFB100 Ball type foil wrapping machine - FCFB100 | PCZ360 Chocolate fold wrapping machine - PCZ360 |

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